Technical Recommendations for Transplanting.

Don’t lay out all the saplings on the area that you are planting, rather plant them one by one, that way we avoid their being exposed to the sun which causes them to dehydrate.
Gently untangle the root ball before planting, spreading the roots out in the planting hole. Cut and heal any broken roots, especially the larger ones, as they are an open door to all sorts of soil fungi diseases.
You should never apply mineral fertilizers or manure directly onto the planting hole, cover it with sun-warmed or top-layer soil.
Plant at a height, certainly higher than the plants were when they were in the nursery. In heavy, clayey, boggy or damp soil, plant in terraces, ridges or mounds. That way we shall avoid problems such as gummosis and phytophthora.
We have to water the plants at the same time as we plant them, and the first watering should be abundant. Never wait until the next day, or until they finish installing the irrigation or the drip system etc.

When planting in April, May or later, the holes should be dug and watered the day before. To achieve greater balance between the root and the foliar system, it’s advisable to tip the saplings, that way we shall avoid dehydration by removing leaves. Too much pruning is better than too little.
When planting from May on, we have to remove the leaves by cutting them at the petiole (leaving the Petiole).
If the plant comes from a Hydroponic medium, we must take into consideration the following differences:
- When tipping the sapling, we should do so 60 cm from the graft, at most.

- No matter when the tree is planted, we never remove its leaves.

Recomendaciones Tecnicas
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